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Federal Entitlement & Compliance

Federal Entitlement funds are granted through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and primarily benefit the low and moderate income population within the City of Columbia. In addition, the city received stimulus dollars though the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program to provide a surge in the economy during this economic downturn.


CDBG FY2018-19 NOFA Manual 



Understanding the HUD Process

CD IMG HUD LOGOThe City of Columbia is required by law every five years to prepare a Consolidated Plan to receive federal funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Consolidated Plan combines in one report important information about Columbia's demographics and economic activity, as well as detailed information on the housing and job needs of its residents. The Plan also includes comments from the public received during public hearings, stakeholder meetings and in writing.

All funding recommendations for programs operated with these funds were evaluated based on their ability to help the City meet the goals and priorities established in this Plan.

Understanding Compliance

  • Provides oversight and technical assistance
  • Ensures compliance with City and Federal Regulations
  • Prepares the Consolidated Plan, Annual Action Plan and Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER)
  • Monitoring Subrecipients for compliance with Federal Regulations

Consolidated Plan FY 2015 - 2019

This 2010-2015 Consolidated Plan addresses HUD's three basic goals for the use of formula grant funding in programming for low and moderate income families: provide decent housing, provide suitable living environment, expand economic opportunities. According to HUD, the Consolidated Plan is designed to be a collaborative process in which a community establishes a unified vision for housing and community development actions. It offers cities the opportunity to shape these housing and community development programs into effective, coordinated neighborhood and community development strategies. It also allows for strategic planning and citizen participation to occur in a comprehensive context, reducing duplication of effort.

This five year plan is the City of Columbia's application for funding from HUD in the following formula grant programs: Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), HOME Investment Partnership, and Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA). The plan provides a profile of the Columbia community, an analysis of the housing market, an assessment of housing needs, an assessment of homeless and special needs housing, and strategies to address those housing, homeless, and non-housing community development needs. As the lead agency for the planning process, the City of Columbia adhered to HUD's requirements for citizen participation.

2015 - 2019 Consolidated Plan








This Notice of Funding Available (NOFA) announces the availability of funding for the Program Year (PY) July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019 for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. The CDBG Program authorized under Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, is funded and regulated (24 CFR, Part 570) at the federal level by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and administered locally by the City of Columbia’s Community Development Department.

The City of Columbia is receiving applications from qualified entities to apply for funding under this Request for Applications (RFA). The primary objective is to fund projects and activities that principally benefit low-and moderate-income (LMI) persons, aid in the elimination of slums and blight, or respond to an urgent need.  Must be consistent with locally developed CDBG Program Priorities and address the City’s Consolidated Plan objectives.

The City of Columbia’s annual CDBG funding is calculated using HUD’s formula and varies from year to year; the funding amount is not predetermined.  In FY2018-2019 we estimate $2,050,435 in CDBG revenue, ($949,114 in new entitlement, $650,000 in Program Income and $451,321 in Revolving Loan Fund).   A total of $150,000 is available for Public Service Activities located in the defined redevelopment areas.  $719,314 will be used for Non-Public Service activities designated for City redevelopment and infrastructure projects located within the prioritized redevelopment areas as defined by City Council during the 2017-2018 fiscal year and identified in the 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan.

During the 2018-2019 funding cycle, applications for CDBG Program funding are available for the Public Service Category only. This NOFA/RFA is a one (1) year funding request.

The City of Columbia will hold a technical assistance workshop and can schedule individual technical assistance sessions to provide applicants sufficient assistance to submit competitive applications for funding. Applicants are required to attend the workshop as a condition of application submission.  No application will be accepted from any organization that did not attend the technical assistance workshop.  

 November 28, 2017 @ 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Eau Claire Print Building

3907 Ensor Ave

Columbia, SC 29203

This NOFA/RFA may be obtained online at http://www.columbiasc.net/communitydevelopment, OR visit the Community Development Department at 1225 Lady Street, Ste 102, Columbia, SC 29201.  If you have any questions regarding this NOFA you may contact the Community Development Department at (803) 545-3373 or by email at [email protected]


FY2018-19 NOFA


Click Here for Annual Action Plan

FY 2017 - 18 Annual Action Plan

  • Citizens will have the opportunity to review and comment on the proposed Annual Action Plan during the public hearings and during the 30-day public comment period: April 10, 2017 – May 11, 2017. A summary of citizen comments will be included in the FY2017-2018 Annual Action Plan to be submitted to HUD.
  • Two (2) Public Hearings will be held:
    • Thursday, April 13, 2017 at the Columbia Empowerment Zone Suites, 1509 Lady St. Columbia, SC 29201 @ 6:00 p.m.
    • Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at City Council Meeting, City Hall 3rd Floor, 1737 Main St., Columbia, SC, 29201 @ 6:00 p.m.


Annual Action Plan

For each succeeding year, the City of Columbia is required to prepare a one-year Action Plan to notify citizens and HUD of the City's intended actions during that particular fiscal year. The Action Plan includes citizen and stakeholder input and is due annually to HUD by May 15th. The Action Plan is developed under HUD guidelines and serves as the application for the three formula grant programs.

2014-2015 Annual Action Plan

2015 - 2016 Annual Action Plan


Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER)

At the end of each fiscal year, the City must also prepare a Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) to provide information to HUD and citizens about that year's accomplishments. This information allows HUD, city officials, and the public to evaluate the City's performance and determine whether the activities undertaken during the fiscal year helped meet the City's five-year goals and to address priority needs identified in the Consolidated Plan. This annual performance report, prepared with public review and comment, must be submitted to HUD annually by September 30th. 2015 - 2016 CAPER Report



City of Columbia Target Areas

Entitlement Cities are encouraged to include maps in describing the geographic distribution and location of investment (including areas of low-income and minority concentration). The geographic distribution and expenditure requirement may be satisfied by specifying the census tracts where expenditures were concentrated and the percentage of funds expended in target areas. All CDBG funds were allocated to projects that benefit low and moderate income persons and/or areas. HOME funds were allocated to eligible beneficiaries (at or below 80% of area median income) throughout the corporate city limits. However, the City targeted funds to those neighborhoods with the highest concentration of need for affordable housing and economic development.

The Target Areas include:


In addition the previously HUD-approved Empowerment Zone area - comprised of contiguous Census Tracts 2, 5, 9-10, 13-16, 18, 20.02, 28, 106, and 109 - was established as a Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA) for the term of the Consolidated Plan to ensure continued revitalization and community development efforts.

Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (NRSA) Map

For more information on Federal Entitlement and Compliance programs call our office at (803) 545-3373. Public comments or questions regarding Community Development programs can be emailed to Public Comment


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