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Flood Recovery

The October 2015 flood resulted in extensive damage to residential and business property, as well as infrastructure, throughout the City of Columbia. Recovering from this historic event will be a multi-year process. Please visit this page to stay informed on flood recovery information and news.





Road to Recovery Annual Report



Status of Recovery One Year After the Historic Flood Events in October 2015


Flood Recovery Dashboard                         



To view information about the Columbia Flood Recovery Program, please visit the new dashboard that provides more details about jobs by phase and location as well as cost by departments. Flood Recovery Dashboard


Disaster Care Management now available for flood-impacted counties (PDF).PDF document







CDBG-Disaster Recovery Information

Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Recovery Program (CDBG-DR)

CDBG-DR funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) may be used to cover expenses for unmet needs resulting from the October 2015 flood. The City of Columbia will receive $19.89 million for flood recovery efforts.







Need Help?  Call 2-1-1

Flood Recovery Assistance:

Call 2-1-1 information and referral phone line or email [email protected].


Click here to watch a video about Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (VOADs) working on flood recovery efforts. For information about volunteering, call the United Way at 2-1-1 or visit  http://www.uway.org/.


Property Acquisition Letter

The City of Columbia is evaluating the possibility of pursuing funding through various federal grants that will be used to mitigate against the effect of future flood events.   If you are interested in exploring your options for reducing your flood losses deemed as structural damages by taking part in our Flood Mitigation Property Acquisition Program, please complete the Notice of Voluntary Interest Form to the best of your ability.  Signing the form only indicates your interest and does not commit you to any action, but if you do not sign and return this form, your property will not be considered for acquisition.  Signing this form does not guarantee that the City of Columbia will acquire your property nor is it a guarantee that your property will meet all of the eligibility criteria for the Acquisition Program.


Your property must meet one (1) or more of the following minimum eligibility criteria in order to be considered for property acquisition:

  1. Repetitive property loss (as defined by FEMA).
  2. Structures that were substantially damaged by the October 2015 floods.
  3. Property in the floodplain.


Please direct questions concerning the Flood Recovery Property Acquisition Program to:


City of Columbia Flood Recovery Property Acquisition Program
Post Office Box #147, Columbia, SC  29217
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 803-545-0005


If you choose to participate and include your property in the Property Acquisition Program, the City of Columbia will conduct a further review of your structural damages to determine if the property meets the qualifications.  If the City of Columbia is awarded federal grant funding for property acquisition or rehabilitation, then the properties within the city limits of Columbia, SC that meet the Property Acquisition Program criteria will be considered.


The local government is required by Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) to inform you that your participation in this project for open-space acquisition is voluntary.  Neither the State nor the Local Government will use its eminent domain authority to acquire the property for open-space purposes if you choose not to participate, or if negotiations fail.  If you have flood insurance, please include your Flood Insurance Policy information, including your policy number.


Click here to view Property Acquisition LetterPDF document

Click here to view the City of Columbia Flood Recovery Voluntary Property Acquisition Program FAQs.PDF document

Click here to download the Notice of Voluntary Interest Form PDF document.



Flood Repair Myths & Facts

What You Need to Know
The City of Columbia has published City Flood Repair Myths & Facts: What You Need to Know to give property owner the facts, and provide additional information flood victims might find useful.
Download the Flood Repair Myths & Facts sheet.


Flood Repair Process

There are very important facts to be aware of before moving forward with any repairs to a flood-damaged home located in the floodplain. Taking steps without accurate information can cost time and money. Anyone making repairs to a flood-damaged structure in the City of Columbia needs to get a zoning and building permit from the Development Center. If using the service of a contractor, they must be licensed by the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation.


Visit Development Inspections  for more information about the permitting process can be found online or by calling (803) 545-3483. Visit Floodplain Management  for more information on the City's floodplain program.

Important Documents

Permit Applications (all are required)



Contact Information

Floodplain Manager:    Ali Khan     (803) 545-3400     [email protected]
Building Codes:    Jerry Thompson     (803) 545-3442     [email protected]
Planning questions:    Krista Hampton     (803) 545-3425     [email protected]
Building Permits:    Development Center     (803) 545-3420  




October 2015 SC Severe Storms and Flooding Procurement Opportunities

The City of Columbia's Purchasing Division has begun advertising the October 2015 SC Severe Storms & Flooding DR4241 competitive procurement opportunities on the City’s website. These procurement opportunities will be solicited for various commodities and services needed to support our disaster recovery efforts.  The deadlines for receiving responses to our solicitations will depend upon several factors including, but not limited to, the urgency of the needed item or service, the source selection method, the potential contract value, etc.  To access Bid Online, visit the City of Columbia’s Purchasing Department page.



Floodplain Manager Letter


Download the Floodplain Manager letter regarding rebuilding structures in the Floodway 


Flood Victims Warned About Potential Scams

The following information is provided to caution flood victims of potential scams.

Be cautious of anyone who knocks at your door claiming that you are eligible for disaster grants or money. Scammers travel to disaster areas to take advantage of those who want life to go back to “normal.” Some may claim your insurance agent or FEMA sent them to your home or business. Government workers will never ask for a fee or payment, and they wear an official government photo ID.

For more information, please visit http://www.bbb.org/tulsa/news-events/news-releases/2015/05/bbb-cautions-flood-victims-of-scams/

Individuals who are a victim of scams or who witness scamming activities should report these incidents to South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs at (803) 734-4200 or toll free within South Carolina at 1-800-922-1594.

For more ways to report and prevent scams visit www.consumer.sc.gov.




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