Boards & Commissions 

The City of Columbia's Boards & Commissions are formed to assist staff with important policy decisions that impact the community. These groups conduct short or long term planning, research, and discussions of specific issues which are essential to the continued growth and prosperity of the City. Some bodies are designed to be the policy-making authorities over a particular division of the Zoning Ordinance; for others, their mission is to make recommendations and advisory opinions to City Council. Meetings are public and involvement from the community is strongly encouraged. 
The majority of the Boards & Commissions meet regularly on a set monthly schedule, although some do meet quarterly or on an "as-needed" basis. Occasionally, times are rescheduled for various reasons. Because of this, please contact the appropriate division and staff will verify the time and location of the hearing in question. 
For more information concerning other City of Columbia boards & commissions  beyond land use and design boards, please visit

Board of Zoning Appeals (BoZA)