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Records Management provides efficient, cost-effective temporary and permanent storage of research and reference services for permanent and inactive records held to meet legal, fiscal or administrative requirements of the City of Columbia.RMS IMAG STORAGE
The Records Storage Facility (RSF) provides efficient and cost-effective box storage for 4,000 temporary, permanent and inactive boxed records for city departments and divisions.
Management techniques are applied to the creation, use, maintenance, retention, preservation, and disposition of records to reduce costs and create efficiencies in record keeping. This includes the management of imaging, filing and microfilming equipment; filing and information retrieval systems; files, correspondence, reports and forms; historical documentation; retention scheduling and vital records protection.
The City of Columbia complies with the Public Records Act of 1990, Code of Laws of South Carolina 1976, Sections 30-1-10 through 30-1-180, as amended.  The South Carolina Department of Archives and History and the City of Columbia are legally charged with the responsibility for overseeing the care and maintenance of all city records. This mandate requires the Archives and the City of Columbia to insure that older, historical records are preserved satisfactorily, whether by microfilming, transfer to an archival repository, application of special restoration treatments or a combination of the above. Similarly, the records of short-term value must be identified and disposed of in accordance with an orderly timetable, allowing each record sufficient time to outlive all administrative usefulness or value before transfer to an inactive records storage center for a specified period of time, or immediate destruction.
Records created by the City)of Columbia are also part of the State of South Carolina's records. This includes records made and kept, or received and kept, by any person in the course of the exercise of official functions in a public office, or for any purpose of a public office, or for the use of a public office.

Records are any document(s) or other source of information compiled, recorded or stored in written form, on film, by electronic process, or in any other manner or by any other means.  Recorded information, in any form, including electronic data, created or received and maintained by an organization or person in the transaction of business or the conduct of affairs and kept as evidence of such activity.
Documents are structured units of recorded information, published or unpublished, in hard copy or electronic form and managed as discrete unit.
Files are a collection of documents on a specific subject, located within a file cover, which show organizational activities through an identifiable sequence of transactions.
Record keeping is maintaining complete, accurate and reliable evidence of business transactions in the form of recorded information.
Information systems capture, maintain and provide access to records over time.  Records that must be permanently retained because of their fiscal, legal, informational or historical value are filed and stored in paper form, on microfilm, microfiche and digitally imaged optical disks.
Administrative Records
The records of council are an exceptionally important information resource, they are a unique and vital asset, and often they cannot be easily reconstructed or replaced.
  • They exist for a variety of administrative, functional, historical and legal reasons.
  • Their existence protects Council's interests and the interests of the citizens.
  • They show valuable precedents and courses of action, without the knowledge of which the city cannot function.
  • The Legislative Body and the Office of the City Manager create records as evidence of business activity; they support efficiency and productivity   and enable staff to meet their legislative and administrative responsibilities.
  • Records are the major component of the Council's memory; they provide evidence of actions and decisions and document the city's transactions.
  • Records support policy formulation and managerial decision-making and help deliver city services in a consistent and equitable manner.
These permanent and historical records include all aspects of the organization's internal administration:
  • Council agendas, minutes, contracts, agreements * General correspondence of the City Council, Mayor and city Manager.
  • Budget and financial matters
  • Personnel and Payroll files
Active Records are records created by departments and divisions that are in frequent use required for current day-to-day business. These records are usually stored in office spaces and equipment close to hand.  They are readily accessible.
Inactive Records are records that are no longer required for use by the organization in the conduct of its day-to-day activities and functions.  Inactive records can be permanent or temporary and be stored off-site.
Permanent Inactive Records are boxed and stored in the Records Storage Facility and retained according to general retention schedules as prepared by the South Carolina Department of Archives and History.
Temporary Inactive Records are boxed and stored in the Records Storage Facility where they are retained and destroyed according to general retention and disposition schedules prepared by the South Carolina Department of Archives and History.
The City Records Storage Facility (RSF) provides efficient and cost-effective temporary and permanent storage for permanent and inactive records that city departments and divisions hold to satisfy legal, fiscal, or administrative needs.
The Records Management staff has been trained at the S. C. Department of Archives and History on the aspects of Disaster Preparedness procedures relating to records, collections, and archival files and objects.
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