The Columbia-Richland Emergency Communications Center is committed to providing efficient and professional services to all citizens of Columbia and Richland County by ensuring timely and accurate processing of all calls for service.
We will remain focused in our delivery of service with courtesy, respect and concern for all citizens and emergency responders. We will remain dedicated to consistently aid all departments in their quest to protecting life, and saving property by deploying the closest available emergency responder qualified to assist you in your time of need. 911 IMG Call Center

"We will be there when you need us the most"

CRC personnel reflect their commitment to efficiency by consistently demonstrating competency in their performance, and skillfulness in avoiding wasted time and effort. CRC personnel realize that 9-1-1 operational efficiency saves lives.
CRC personnel reflect their commitment to courtesy and respect by performing their duties in a courteous, helpful, respectful, and considerate manner. CRC personnel realize that providing prompt, courteous, and respectful 9-1-1- service saves lives.
CRC 9-1-1 personnel reflect their commitment to professionalism by being punctual, courteous, prepared, and by following proper training and operational standards in every call for service they process.

CRC 9-1-1 personnel reflect their commitment to sense of urgency by providing professional, courteous, and prompt response to all calls for service. CRC 9-1-1 personnel realize the importance of "Dispatching the Call" to save lives.

Columbia-Richland 911 Communications
1800 Laurel Street
Columbia, SC 29201
Business phone: (803) 988-8005
Fax: (803) 255-8139