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Residents of City of Columbia and Richland County are required to license ALL pets annually. Failure to do so can result in a maximum fine of $200 or 30 days in jail.
To obtain a license, owners must give proof of rabies vaccination. Rabies vaccination is required by state law and failure to do so can result in a $200 fine.
Owners with more than three (3) dogs are required to have a kennel license.
City of Columbia and Richland County 
Pet Licensing Fees
City  County
Sterilized pet
$5.00  $4.14
Unsterilized pet
$25.00        $20.73
Dogs assisting with handicap*
Free Free
Participated in 3 nationally recognized obedience trials or conformation shows in the past 12 months*
$5.00 $4.14
Not spayed/neutered due to medical reasons*
$5.00 $4.14

*Owner must provide proof.

The City of Columbia now allows residents to have up to four hens. (No roosters.) Hens must be licensed; the fee is $5 per hen.
Payments cannot be made online.
For more information on payment methods, please contact the Columbia Animal Shelter at 803-776-PETS (7387) or visit their office at 127 Humane Lane, Columbia, SC 29209.
Differential licensing programs encourage the following:
  • Vaccination for rabies as required by state law
  • Neutering/spaying of pets
  • Reduce the stray and unwanted animal population
  • Minimize the amount of tax dollars used for animal control costs

Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

127 Humane Lane
Columbia, South Carolina 29209
Victoria Riles, Superintendent
(803) 776-PETS (7387)

[email protected]