This board hears and decides appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by building officials relative to the application and interpretation of International Building Code and related codes mandated for adoption and enforcement by the state of South Carolina. This board also hears appeals on plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and residential issues.



The board consists of seven (7) members - five (5) regular chairs and two (2) alternates.
Term of office is two (2) years with one (1) reappointment.
All appointees must reside in the corporate limits of the city.


Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesdays of the month or on an as needed basis.

Committee Members:

Term Ends
Ms. Deborah Snow 3
July 2020
Mr. Thomas Carlisle3
July 2020
Mr. Zach McGhee, Jr.3
July 2020
Mr. Christopher Corbett3
July 2020
Ms. Lasenta Lewis (Alternate)2
July 2020
Mr. Joel McCreary (Alternate)3
July 2020
(#) denotes number of term.


Contact Info:

Mr. Todd Beiers
Commercial Plans Examiner
Planning and Development Services
City of Columbia
P.O. Box 147
Columbia, SC 29217
(803) 545-3427

   [email protected]