The purpose of the Columbia Prepares Advisory Committee is to provide increased transparency in the implementation of CDBG-MIT funds; inform the community at large and other stakeholders of mitigation projects and strategies; improve the community’s understanding of the importance of hazard mitigation activities and projects to the health and well-being of all residents; solicit and respond to public questions, comment and input on the City’s mitigation activities; serve as on on-going public forum to continuously inform Columbia’s CDBG-MIT project and programs.  


This commission is comprised of seven (7) members, will be appointed by City Council, by the City Manager or designee, and a combination of Community Development, Emergency Management, Columbia Water, and Planning and Development Services. Appointees serve a two (2) year term with the possibility of one (1) re-appointment (a maximum of two consecutive terms).


The Committee will meet at least twice yearly in a meeting that is open to the public and publicized on both the City’s MIT website and the City’s public meeting website.   Meetings may be in person or virtual.   If virtual meetings are needed, options include: live streamed on the City’s You Tube channel, Zoom meeting, or  Other virtual options

Notice of the Columbia Prepares Advisory Committee activities including meeting times and places, meeting materials and reports, meeting minutes, and other relevant items will be posted on the CDBG-MIT web page (   

Contact Info:

Gloria Saeed

Executive Director

Community Development 

1401 Main Street

(803) 545-3766  (Office)

[email protected]