Created in June 2015, the CAC fosters proactive relationships with an open dialogue between CPD and citizens.The purpose of the Citizens Advisory Council is to review police actions and determinations of complaints received by the police department.  



This committee has ten (10) members of which seven (7) are appointed by Councilmembers and three (3) members are appointed by Police staff.
Appointees serve a staggered term with eligibility for one (1) reappointment. 
Members are asked to participate in training on the department’s policies and procedures, as well as the citizen’s police academy. 


Meetings are held quarterly or as needed.

Committee Members:

Term Ends
Seth Stoughton
November 2019
Kaela Harmon
September 2018
Bob Wynn
November 2019
Rev.William Dieckmann
November 2018
Edward Grimsley
November 2018
P. Jason Reynolds
November 2018
Rev. W. Andrew Waldo
November 2019
Shannon Staley
September 2018
Kimberly Castell  August 2020
John MartinAugust 2020
Don PoliteAugust 2020
(#) denotes number of term.


Contact Info:

  Jackson Sheard 
 Columbia Police Department, SC
 Office of Professional Standards


    1 Justice Square, Columbia, SC 29201


  803-545-3583 (Office)