This committee shall gather and address problems found within food production, consumption, processing, distribution, and waste disposal with the primary focus on finding solutions to problems that promote sustainability, economic development, and social justice in the food system of the Columbia and surrounding areas by educating government officials about issues of the food system, making policy recommendations, research, fostering of cooperation among private, public, and non-profit interests. 

Policy Recommendations:

 The Food Equity Subcommittee was formed in order to ensure the voices of Columbia residents living in low food access areas and those most impacted by inequities in the food system were the key drivers in the policy recommendations developed by the Columbia Food Policy Committee. This subcommittee has put together a robust report containing policy recommendations that were officially adopted by City Council in December 2019.  To view the entire report, click here.


The board consists of a minimum of fifteen (15) members.
Term of office is two (2) years with one (1) reappointment.



Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m.

Committee Members:

Term Ends
Heather Bauer
December 2022
Dr. Jabari Bodrick
August 2023
Ashley Page Bookhart
July 2023
Shana Hill Catoe
December 2022
Tracy Dixon
July 2023
Roddrick Dugger
August 2023
Lauren Eckstrom
August 2023 
Guillermo Espinosa 
August 2023
Rowan Goodrich 
December 2022
Regina Greer
August 2023
Quinn Hayes
August 2023
Kimberly Humphrey
December 2022
Jennifer Lobel Kahn 
August 2023
Zach KingAugust 2023
John LovedayDecember 2022
Tyler McDonaldAugust 2023
Billy Quinland
December 2022
Omme Salma RahemtullahAugust 2023
Yumi WeathersbyAugust 2023


  • Communications
  • Food Equity
  • Local Procurement
  • Zoning

Contact Info:

Kathryn Hampton
Office of the Mayor
City of Columbia
P.O. Box 147
Columbia, SC 29217
(803) 545-3039