Promote programs for the Parks and Recreation Department related to enhancing and expanding the scope of the educational and human development activities.


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Currently there are 16 members on this commission. Seven (7) are elected by City Council and the rest are chosen by the commission members to serve.
 All appointees must reside within the corporate limits of the City of Columbia.



Committee Members:

Appointed by Council
Term Ends
Aimee Edwards1
December 2019
Mary-Elisabeth Grigg1
December 2019
Justin Waites1
December 2019
Sue Harper1
December 2019
Maudra Brown1
December 2019
Keith Terry1
December 2019
Fred Monk1
September 2020
Appointed by Foundation
Term Ends
Virginia Bedford2
March 2018
Shawn Eubanks
November 2017
Thomas "Tige" Howie III
November 2017
Robert Flagler
November 2017
Perrin H. Brunson2
December 2018
 Mary Kessler1
September 2017
Derek Raper1
September 2017
(#) denotes number of term

Contact Info:

Ms. Lee Thompson
Parks and Recreation
1111 Parkside Drive
Columbia, SC 29203
(803) 545-3083