Monday July 13, 2020
Planning Commission (PC) Meeting
5:15 PM - Until

Regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting.  Application deadline for this meeting is June 3, 2020.  For more information, call 803-545-3333 or visit the PC page for agendas, approved minutes, and more.

Downloadable 2020 PC Calendar

Location:  Virtual Meeting

  1. Watch: The public may stream the meetings through CityTV accessed at

  2. Email: The public may submit letters and statements via email [email protected] leading up to and/or during the meeting as this account will be monitored during the meetings.

  3. Phone: The public may participate via phone. You may call: 855-925-2801. When prompted please enter the meeting code9296.
    Those participating by phone will receive three options on how to participate:

    • (star one) *1 will allow you to listen

    • (star two) *2 will allow you to record a voice mail message that will be read into the record.

    • (star three) *3 will allow a participant to be placed in a queue, so they may speak live when prompted.

o Virtual participation via the web: The public may join the virtual meeting on the web at 

As this is an ever-evolving situation, please continue to monitor for additional information.