Our History

Columbia Housing Development Corporation (CHDC) was created in November 1980 as a subsidiary of the City of Columbia and is a non-profit IRS designated 501(c) (3) organization.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide permanent, quality, affordable single family housing in Columbia and to create safe, clean and well maintained communities.  We collaborate with other agencies to provide innovative support services to Columbia communities.

Our Vision

Equal access to affordable living in quality housing in safe and thriving neighborhoods where people want to live. Some of the neighborhoods we have made an impact on in the past include Edgewood, Melrose Heights, Lyon Street, MLK and Historic Waverly.

Our Programs

CHDC IMG Homebuyer TrainingMany families with varying incomes have realized homeownership opportunities through our home buyer training workshops and case management.
Our lease-purchase program is great way to help individuals and families get accustomed to the responsibility of caring for a home should they need a little time to prepare financially or clear up outstanding credit discrepancies.
Columbia Housing Development Corporation
1225 Lady Street, Suite 201
Columbia, SC 29201
Telephone  (803) 545-3767
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