October is Energy Action Month, an event meant to encourage energy savings through efficiency and conservation. This year, the City of Columbia is collaborating with the State Energy Office and Dominion Energy SC to digitally share tips, tools and stories that promote the multiple benefits of energy efficiency. Citizens are encouraged to follow social media platforms of all partners for energy action information throughout October, #SCEnergyHour or #EnergyActionMonth.

During the coronavirus pandemic, South Carolinians are joining together to support one another and those affected by COVID-19. During this unprecedented global public health crisis, reducing energy use by becoming more efficient will help minimize impacts on our environment and make a healthier world for everyone. Reducing energy use also helps to take some burden off the power system at a time when keeping the power supply flow steady is so vitally important.

In October and every other month, the City of Columbia encourages citizens to review how they use energy at home and at work. Small changes can add up to energy savings. Start with small changes such as switching to LED light bulbs or caulking around windows and doors. Then, look into larger commitments such as adding insulation or switching to a tankless hot water heater.  

 Activities and Opportunities

There are many sources of information about energy efficiency and energy conservation that target energy use at work and at home. Follow the links below to learn about specific energy efficiency and energy conservation measures that can be implemented.

Additional Resources

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