March 16, 2005
9:00 AM - City Council Chambers
3rd Floor City Hall - 1737 Main Street

The Columbia City Council met for a Work Session on Wednesday, March 16, 2005 in the City Hall Council Chambers at 1737 Main Street, Columbia, South Carolina. The Honorable Mayor Robert D. Coble called the meeting to order at 9:14 a.m.  The following members of City Council were present: The Honorable E.W. Cromartie, II, The Honorable Hamilton Osborne, Jr., The Honorable Sam Davis, The Honorable Tameika Isaac Devine and The Honorable Daniel J. Rickenmann.  Absent was The Honorable Anne M. Sinclair. Also present were Mr. Charles P. Austin, Sr., City Manager and Ms. Shirley J. Dilbert, Acting City Clerk.


 A.  State Mental Health Campus Redevelopment Project – Mr. Charles T. Cole, Jr., Chair of the State Mental Health Campus Redevelopment Steering Committee.

Mr. Charlie Cole, Jr., Chair of the State Mental Health Campus Redevelopment Steering Committee reported that the Central Carolina Community Foundation received letters of request from Governor Sanford and Mayor Coble asking the Foundation to coordinate the development of a Master Land Use Plan for the Mental Health Campus.  He said that in November 2004 the committee sent out qualifications and experience requests to firms that were recognized by the committee.  They received seventeen (17) responses to the requests and those were narrowed down to the following three (3) firms: Duany Plater – Zyberk & Co. of Miami, Florida; Design Collective, Inc. of Baltimore, Maryland; and Sasaki Associates.  After a presentation from each firm the committee chose Duany Plater – Zyberk & Co. as the Planner.  Mr. Cole requested $195,007.50 from the City of Columbia or 50% of the proposed budget for $390,015.00.  The South Carolina Housing and Finance Authority has committed to the other 50%.  ($240,000.00 will go towards the Town Planner’s base fee; $40,000.00 for expenses; $10,000.00 for an economic impact study; $5,000.00 for a Full Time Project Manager; and the remaining expenses are for printing and reproduction of materials.)

Upon motion by Mayor Coble, seconded by Mr. Cromartie, Council voted unanimously to approve funding for the South Carolina Department of Mental Health Campus Redevelopment Project in the amount of $195,007.50 from the Economic Development Fund.