Another TASTY Award!

2010 through 2015 awards for great tasting water

2010 through 2015 awards for great tasting water

The City of Columbia's water is continually recognized as some of the best tasting in the state! Since 2010, our drinking water has placed in the at the South Carolina Environmental Conference competition for the best tasting water!

This is in addition to being a semi-finalist in a national taste test conducted by NBC's "The Today Show" in 2007! One more reason to turn on your tap and enjoy your exceptional tap water. Remember consume responsibly!

City of Columbia Water Works Is... Optimized!

South Carolina Area Wide Optimization Program

South Carolina Area Wide Optimization Program

In 2009 the City of Columbia's two water treatment plants, Columbia Canal and Lake Murray, demonstrated optimized performance and received the South Carolina Area-Wide Optimization Program (AWOP) Achievement Award. Because AWOP goals are more strict than current regulatory requirements, participation in AWOP is voluntary.

AWOP is sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and is an effort to optimize the performance of existing surface water treatment facilities. The goal of the program is to optimize particle removal and disinfection at all filtration plants to maximize public health protection.

By achieving AWOP optimization, the City of Columbia Water Works enhances public health protection against waterborne disease, extends the useful life of existing water treatment equipment in a low-cost way, and increases the expertise of treatment plant personnel by adopting and learning optimization techniques.

Partnership for Safe Water

The City of Columbia has been a member to the national voluntary Partnership for Safe Water Program since 2002 and consistently strives to achieve higher quality drinking water each year. This program focuses on utilizing current tools to achieve high quality water without major capital expenditures. The City of Columbia Water Works department participates in this program because we are committed to consistently producing high quality water for our customers.


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