Advanced Manufacturing

Columbia is home to a6 diverse group of manufacturers that produce high tech products including cutting edge ultraviolet light products,  custom turn-key machinery, and industrial packaging products.  Manufacturing has always been a staple industry here in Columbia and continued growth is expected for this cluster.



Three major hospitals and the Medical University of South Carolina are located just minutes from downtown Columbia, providing a strong backbone for the healthcare industry.  USC is also heavily involved in advanced research in health science across a broad spectrum of disciplines such as neuroscience, bioengineering, regenerative medicines, and cancer studies.


Insurance Information and Technology

Insurance technology and services is a rapidly growing industry here in the Midlands.  A recent survey helped to shed light on the cluster which has a $6.7 billion impact and employs approximately 14,900 people.  iTsSC (Columbia's Insurance Technology and Services Cluster) works with the industry on workforce development initiatives, cluster marketing, and education in the field of information technology.


Green Energy Production

The development of hydrogen fuel cell technology remains at the core of future fuel alternatives, although a strong current for the development of localized nuclear power production has recently been gaining a lot of attention.


Transportation and Logistics

With the widening of the Panama Canal scheduled for completion in 2014 and the Port of Charleston so close in proximity, the transportation of products remains a key industry across the state.  Columbia's network of interstates make our city a great location for distribution centers.


Research, Development, and Discovery

USC's Innovista campus combines the university's research efforts across a broad variety of disciplines such as nanotechnology, health, and environmental sciences.  The USC/Columbia Technology Incubator also serves to recruit, develop, and deploy new technology-driven companies.

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