Opportunity Zones

The recent introduction of the federal government’s Opportunity Zone legislation presents one of the most unique and exciting opportunities for communities across the country. 

Both cities and rural communities will now have access to a new and incredibly powerful tool to help strengthen, support and drive investment into distressed and largely forsaken areas. With great expectation and vigor, the City of Columbia has put together this prospectus in an effort to educate interested parties and spur collaboration so that the selected zones may truly capitalize on this opportunity. Columbia, South Carolina continues to be an attractive destination for residential, commercial and industrial development. With 8 census tracts selected as zones, Columbia looks forward to engaging with investors, developers, property owners and community leaders to ensure each identified area may see the development and rejuvenation it desires. At the core of every zone is not merely a census tract based on a zip code; it is a community where people live, work, worship and grow their families. As we display the city’s zones, we hope investors will remember the great opportunity it is to not only invest in a property, but to also invest in the people of Columbia.

Interested in Opportunity Zones?

The City of Columbia is committed to taking full advantage of Opportunity Zones and is proactively working with investors, developers, businesses, communities, and other stakeholders to provide information and coordination assistance. Click here for more information.