City of Columbia Lowers All Flags Over City-Operated Buildings to Half-Staff As COVID-19 Related Deaths Surpass 100
Apr 15, 2020

As the number of South Carolina deaths from confirmed COVID-19 virus cases has surpassed 100, all Columbia city-operated buildings have been directed by Mayor Steve Benjamin to lower their flags to half-staff in honor of our state’s citizens who have lost their lives to the disease. 

As of today, SC DHEC has confirmed more than 3,650 cases of COVID-19 and 102 deaths attributed to the virus.

“We are in a war with COVID-19. This enemy doesn’t respect life, it doesn’t acknowledge borders and it doesn’t respect authority,” said Mayor Steve Benjamin. “We feel sorrow and heartache due the enormous loss of life from COVID-19 symptoms across our state. We know the grief families feel for their loved ones, many who have died alone and afraid in hospitals and care centers. Lowering the flag of Columbia is an expression of our understanding of the suffering so many grieving families are feeling right now.”

Since March 11th, the new city flag has been flying over Columbia buildings. The new flag, which was locally designed, features a six-pointed star representing the resilience of our city. The flag of Columbia now stands as a symbol that our city and its residents have survived dark times & unimaginable disasters, and reminds us all that we will survive this pandemic, and be made stronger because of it.