Advertisement of Vacancies on Various Boards and Commissions
Aug 26, 2019


TheCity of Columbia is accepting applications to fill several vacancies on thefollowing boards and commissions.


CentralMidlands Council of Governments 

Seeking1 (one) applicant for Appointment. 

Thepurpose of this council is to prepare studies and make recommendations on suchmatters as it deems appropriate; coordinate and promote cooperative programsand action with and among its members and other governmental andnongovernmental entities, including those of other states; study and makerecommendations on matters affecting the public health, control, utilities,planning, development and such other matters as the common interest of the participatinggovernments may dictate; and to provide continuing technical assistance andinformation to the member local governments and other agencies andindividuals.- Term- 3 years 


ColumbiaMuseum of Art 

Seeking1 (one) applicant for Appointment. 

TheColumbia Museum of Art Commission manages the investments and the maintenance,preservation and exhibition of its art collection. Applicants must residewithin the corporate limits of the City of Columbia. Term- 5 years 


Columbia Tree and Appearance Commission  

Seekingtwo (2) Applicants for Appointment; one applicant must have experience as aDeveloper/ Realtor. 

TheColumbia Tree and Appearance Commission has the following powers and duties: Toreview and recommend policies and ordinances affecting the planting, removaland preservation of trees on public and private property; provide advice on theallocation of resources and policies for the planting, care and removal oftrees in the City of Columbia; serve as an advisory body to the City Forestryand Beautification Superintendent in the administration of this article; reviewand make recommendations related to the City Forestry and BeautificationDivision’s annual work plan and any comprehensive urban forestry or reforestationplans; provide public education and advocacy on tree value, preservation andcare; make recommendations to City Council on disbursements of the ColumbiaLandscape and Tree Fund; oversee the development and implementation of a masterplan for the beautification of the City of Columbia; and advise the City andits boards and commissions regarding landscaping, tree planting, protection andremoval. CTAC helps sponsor the annual Arbor Day celebration, Treasured Treeprogram and Columbia Choice Awards. Term- 3 years  



Design/Development Review Commission 

Seekingone (1) Applicant for Appointment.

Applicantmust have experience as a City Planner. The purpose of the Design/DevelopmentReview Commission (DDRC) is to review and approve work proposed within theCity's historic districts, urban design areas, and upon designated landmarks.Term – 3 years.



Seeking1 (one) Applicant for Appointment. 

Thepurpose of the Municipal Election Commission determines the eligibility ofcandidates seeking office; counts and verifies absentee ballots to ensure theintegrity of the election process in accordance with state statute; conductsProtest Hearings and certifies the results of all municipal elections.Applicants must reside within the City Limits. Term- 6 years


PropertyMaintenance Board of Appeals 

Seeking5 (five) Applicants for Appointment. 

The Property Maintenance Board of Appeals (PMBoA) is a volunteer group established for the purpose of hearing appeals to decisions by the Housing Official or to a notice of violation of the International Property Maintenance Code. Appointees must reside within the corporate limits of the City of Columbia. Term- 3 years.


Deadline–Applications are due no later than September 9, 2019 at 5pm. 


For applications and more information contact Ashley Jenkins at (803) 545-3026 or send a request to [email protected]. You can also visit our website at to download an application.