Obligation to Pay

 Once you plead “Guilty” or “No Contest”, have been found guilty or responsible for a violation, you have an obligation to pay your court fines on the date of sentencing unless other arrangements have been made as part of your sentence.
 Payment Due Dates

 All fines, fees, and restitution are due in full on the day of sentencing unless the sentencing Judge has found sufficient reason to allow fine payments to be made over time.  Failure to follow schedule time payments may result in the suspension of driver’s license (in traffic cases), the fine amount being deducted from an individual’s state tax refund or a bench warrant.

Paying Online 

The City of Columbia accepts online payment for all Municipal Court fines at click here.

Restitution payments must to be paid in person at 811 Washington Street Columbia, SC 29201.

Paying in Person 

The Columbia Municipal Court payment window and drive-thru window is open Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

811 Washington Street

Columbia, SC 29201

Paying by Mail 

Columbia Municipal Court

Post Office Box 644

Columbia, SC 29202

Payment Types 

Payment may be made in the form of cash, money order/cashier’s check, and credit/debit card.

Money Order/Cashier’s Check 

Make your money order/cashier’s check to the City of Columbia in the full amount due, and include the ticket/warrant number. Please provide your current address.

Credit or Debit Card 

You may pay by credit/debit card online or in person. If paying in person, you will need to provide a picture ID. The name on the ID must be identical to the name on the card being used. Accepted forms of ID include:

Driver’s License


State Identification Card

The Municipal Court no longer accepts payments on parking tickets. Parking tickets are now paid at the City of Columbia Parking Services located at 820 Washington Street (across the street from Municipal Court). You can access the Parking Services website by clicking HERE


The City of Columbia Municipal Court has the right pursuant to the South Carolina Setoff Debt Collection Act to collect any sum due and owed by the applicant through offset of the applicant’s state income tax refund. If Columbia Municipal Court chooses to pursue debts owed by the applicant through the Setoff Debt Collection Act, the applicant agrees to pay all fees and costs incurred through the setoff process, including fees charged by the Department of Revenue, the Municipal Association of South Carolina, and/or the Columbia Municipal Court. If Columbia Municipal Court chooses to pursue debts in a manner other than setoff, the applicant agrees to pay the costs and fees associated with the selected manner as well.

The municipal court participates in the Setoff Debt Program through the SC Department of Revenue by utilizing software provided by the Municipal Association of South Carolina.  The municipal court enters debts owed (outstanding court fines and fees) into the software and the Municipal Association compiles and forwards those to the Department of Revenue each December.  The debtor will receive a notification (to their last known address) of the intent to set off their tax refund if the debts are not paid.

The SC Department of Revenue (SCDOR) reduces the debtor’s state income tax refund (plus an additional $25 administrative fee charged by SCDOR).  The Municipal Association of SC returns the money to the participant by using the Setoff Debt software.  The debtor will receive a letter from the Department of Revenue as well as Columbia Municipal Court notifying them of the setoff.