Minority Business Opportunity Conference 2018:  Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The City of Columbia implemented a 10% Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) goal in 2015. This year, to help us reach this goal, the Office of Business Opportunities, is hosting a Minority Business Opportunity Conference on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Registration is required.

This conference will: 
(1) educate vendors on the purchasing process at the City;
(2) provide vendors with the opportunity to meet with purchasers representing various city departments, and;
(3) advise vendors how to become a certified DBE

Want to know if this event is for you? Check out the list of items that we purchase. 

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED (Deadline April 2, 2018)

See you there!


 Routine items purchased by City Departments are listed below:
Architectural & Engineering Services
Audio Visual Equipment, TVs, Cameras, etc.
Building & Grounds Maintenance
Catering Services
Computer Software, Hardware, & Peripherals
Consultant Services
Emergency Supplies
Fire & Police Safety Supplies & Equipment
Fuel, Auto Parts and other Fleet
General Repair Parts & Services
Hand Tools
Hardware & Building Supplies
Janitorial Supplies
Office Furniture
Office Supplies & Equipment
Printing, Signage, etc.
Road Work & Traffic Control Devices
Safety Clothing/Uniforms

DETAILED Listing - products and services frequently used by City Departments

Contact:  Office of Business Opportunities / [email protected]  / 803.545.3950