Commercial Retention & Redevelopment Program 2019-20:

Combination of a Matching-Forgivable Loan Facade Project (Exterior Improvements) & Forgivable Commercial Loan Project (Interior Improvements)

Program Launch:  Monday, February 11, 2019

Commercial Retention & Redevelopment Program (CRR) Facade & Commercial Forgivable Loan Target Areas:  
Harden Street (600 - 2099 Blocks):  Blossom - Walker-Solomon Way
North Millwood/Millwood (1300 - 2599 Blocks):  Taylor to King
Gervais Street (2100 - 2399 Blocks):  Harden - Millwood
Taylor Street (2100 - 2399 Blocks): Harden - Millwood
Lower Five Points District Overlay (portions of College, Greene, Saluda, Devine, Santee & Blossom)
CRR 2019-20 Program Materials

♦  CRR Brochure
FACADE Step-by-Step Guidelines
FACADE Project Application Package Checklist (Document is fillable and can be Saved with your entered information.)
FACADE Project Application  (Document is fillable and can be Saved with your entered information.)
♦  Letter of Agency (Required for Tenant making application; not required if owner is making application)  (Document is fillable and can be
    Saved with your entered information.)

Contact:  OBO / 803.545.3950 / [email protected] 

Facade Improvement Program Overview
The City of Columbia's Facade Improvement Program aims to improve the appearance of commercial corridors throughout the city that are significantly deteriorated.  Through this forgivable loan program, commercial property owners and/or business tenants are able to make improvements to the front and other exterior portions of commercial buildings that can be seen from the public right-of-way.

Eligible Improvements:
Windows                          Masonry Repair
Doors                               Carpentry Repair                          
Paint                                 Awnings
Lighting                            Tree Planting

(The number of eligible improvements may be altered for different target areas depending on most observed need and available budget.)

Facade Improvement Loan (Forgivable)
* Property and/or Business Operators fronting the commercial corridor in the target area
* For improvements to the exterior of the building and premise ONLY
* Matching-Forgivable Loan minimum/maximum is $5,000-$15,000/per project site, depending on available program budget
* 80%-City / 20%-Applicant Project Cost Split
* Any cost above the City's maximum allowable per site, reverts to Applicant
* Proper maintenance of the improvements will be monitored for a period of two (2) years
* If not maintained as installed during the monitoring period, participant will be considered in Default and funds re-paid (pro-rated)
* This program may use federal funds and contractors would be required to follow all federal regulations

Columbia Facade Improvement Program Resolution R-2016-054

Previous Facade Improvement Program Target Area Summary Reports
Business Improvement District (BID)
Main/North Main Corridor
Two Notch Road Phases I & II


Contact Office of Business Opportunities at 803.545.3950