The City's Parking Enforcement Monitors strive to provide safe, equal parking opportunities through the enforcement of the various parking ordinances. These ordinances range from expired meter violations to No Parking Area, No Valid Residential Permit, Blocking Driveway and Refeeding meter violations along with several others. Current fines for parking citations range from $7.00 to $500.00.


Metered parking places designated on the side of the roads are usually at the request of business establishments and/or citizens to maintain parking turnover. The City's Parking Meter inventory provides an efficient and economical means of generating turnover parking in business districts, parking districts and other areas of the City. The approximately 4,300 on-street meters demand an effective preventive maintenance plan which includes constant upkeep, meter replacement and refurbishment.

As part of an effort by Parking Services to offer new conveniences to members of the public, PassportParking pay by cell is a convenient way to pay for metered parking and avoid a citation.  Simply download the app and follow the associated instructions. When entering the license plate number into the app, use only letters and numerals; no spaces or special characters. For more information about PassportParking, please visit

How to use the Passport Parking App Video