Parking Services issues Loading Zone Permits, Residential Parking District Permits and Valet Parking Permits at 820 Washington Street. These permits must be obtained in person. For information, call (803) 545-4015.


Photo of a Loading Zone SignLoading Zone permits are issued at the Parking Services Customer Center at 820 Washington Street. To obtain a permit, you must present a copy of your business license and the registration for the vehicle. The first permit for a business is $5. Additional permits for the same business are $2. Permits must be renewed annually.
Any outstanding parking tickets on the vehicle must be paid before a permit can be issued.
Below is the City ordinance dealing with loading zones:
Sec. 12-51. - Use of loading zones.
(a) Parking places marked as loading zones shall be used only by vehicles actually engaged in loading or unloading, pickup, or delivery of the merchandise to or from a business that can be served from the loading zone within a period of 30 minutes.
(b) It shall be unlawful for any vehicle, regardless of size or tonnage, to occupy any loading zone unless the owner has first obtained an annual permit from the chief of police, which shall run from July 1 to June 30. The chief of police shall issue permits only for those vehicles which have as their principal business purpose the transporting of goods and merchandise, and he shall collect an annual fee of $5.00 for one vehicle permit, provided that additional vehicles under the same ownership may be issued permits for a fee of $2.00 each.
(c) The owner of any vehicle found in violation of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable, upon conviction, in accordance with section 1-5, and the permit, if any, issued for the vehicle, shall be revoked in addition to other penalties provided by law.


Valet Permits must be obtained from Parking Services at any time the route from the drop-off and pick-up points and the off-street area where vehicles are to be parked utilizes any City street & facility. For a copy of the valet application, see Valet Permit Application.


Homeowners and tenants living in a district designated as a Residential Parking Permit Zone may obtain hang tag permits for their vehicles at the Parking Services Customer Service Center at 820 Washington Street.
Homeowners need to bring a copy of their driver's license, registration, and property tax bill.
For more information, see Residential Parking Permit Ordinance.