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Columbia Parks & Recreation Administration Office at Earlewood Park


The City of Columbia Parks and Recreation provides exceptional rental facilities and outdoor spaces at affordable prices, each offering various amenities including kitchens, covered shelters, beautiful landscaping and more. Our facilities are a natural choice for all types of events, such as family reunions, weddings and receptions, board meetings, retreats, anniversaries, birthday parties, festivals, concerts and much more. The following information provides a brief overview of our rules and regulations with regard to building and/or room rentals.  Please note that all facilities may not have regulations.  Regulations and fees are subject to change.

All rental reservations must be made in person at the City of Columbia Parks and Recreation Administration Office, 1111 Recreation Drive, Columbia, S.C. 29201 between 8:30 am-5 pm Monday through Friday.  A minimum of fifteen (15) business days notice is required for most reservations.  Any reservations for concerts, festivals, or amphitheaters must be done sixty (60) days or more in advance; this includes but is not limited to Finlay Park and Riverfront Park.  No reservations will be taken by telephone.  If you have a question that is not covered here, or for availability, please contact our office at 803-545-3100.


Premium Rental Facilities (Coble Plaza, Earlewood Park, Eau Claire Print Building, Ensor Keenan House (under renovation), Finlay Park, Riverfront Park)

Neighborhood Center Rental Facilities (Arsenal Hill Park, Edisto Discovery Park, Emily Douglas Park, Hampton Park, Heathwood Park, Mays Park, Melrose Park, Pacific Park, St. Anna's Park and Sims Park)

Any tax-exempt organization claiming status as a non-profit organization must provide proof in the form of a federal non-profit organization form (IRS 501-C form).  Non-profit groups may make consecutive reservations on a month-to-month basis (not to include premium rental locations).  All facility reservation requests must be done and completely paid for by the fifth (5th) of each month to reserve all requested dates for the following month.

Private, special interest or business groups for functions not open to the public.  These functions would include parties, banquets, receptions, industrial conferences, seminars, trade shows, employee training, memorial services, ect.  Facility reservations may be made up to one year (1) in advance prior to event date.  All deposits must be paid at the time of the rental.

The use of alcoholic beverages at a facility must be approved by City of Columbia Parks and Recreation Department and/or City Council.

Persons must be 21 years of age or older to rent a facility; all rentals require adult (21 or older) supervision. A security deposit is required, and must be paid when the reservation is made.  All rental fees are due a minimum of fifteen (15) business days prior to facility reservation.  If rental fees have not been paid 15 business days prior, the City reserves the right to cancel your event and withhold the security deposit.

All facilities are booked per block of time. The City currently offers three (3) blocks of time: 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm, and 6pm-11pm.  Fees begin at the time users enter the facility to prepare for events.  Rental fees are applied for preparation, actual event, and clean up after the event.  The City reserves the right to change fees periodically.  Reservations already negotiated will not be affected by rate changes.

The person or organization representative to whom the rental contract is issued assumes all responsibility for use of the facility and will be the sole authority to make changes or submit additional information.  That person or their delegate must be in attendance at all times during the event.  The renter or their delegate will be required to participate in a pre-inspections and post-inspection walk-through with the building attendant and acknowledge agreement with the findings.

All rentals by organizations and individuals require a Facility Rental Form or a Special Events Form to be completed by the renting party.
Rental contracts cannot be transferred, assigned or sublet.  Groups who have been determined to have priority over other groups cannot rent a room with the intent of holding it for another group with lower priority.  Groups in violation of the rules and regulations set forth may be barred from future rentals of City facilities.

Community Centers to include gymnasiums are not available for rental during operating hours.

All facilities must be closed and vacated by 11:00 p.m.

A reservation may be cancelled at least 30 days prior to reservation date, in which case the security deposit and any rental fees paid will be refunded.  If a reservation is cancelled less than 30 days prior, the City will refund the rental fees, but will retain the security deposit which has been paid.  If a reservation is cancelled less than 30 days prior and no rental fees have been paid, the City will retain the security deposit.  If a reservation is moved to another available date 30 days prior to event, and then cancelled, the City will still retain the security deposit.  All cancellations must be submitted in writing to the Parks and Recreation office where the reservation was made.  Cancellations will be processed within five days and refunds processed within 10 business days.  The City reserves the right to cancel any use of a facility within two weeks advanced notice.


  • The City will furnish light, air conditioning, heat, and toiletry supplies. Trash containers and trash bags are provided.
  • Doors may not be propped open and a clear passage to and in front of the doors must remain at all times.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside any City facility and at any recreational area or grounds.  This includes all City Parks.
  • The City has the right to assign staff members to enter and supervise the facility during the event.
  • Birdseed, rice and confetti cannot be thrown inside or outside the buildings.
  • Decorations cannot be hung, taped, stapled, or nailed from the windows, walls, ceilings or doors.


  • Tables and chairs must be cleaned and taken down after each event.
  • Decorations, special preparations and personal property owned or rented must be out of the building before the expiration of the permitted reservation time.  User is responsible for cleaning up spills and debris in the kitchen area.
  • The renter or their delegate must participate in a post-inspections walk-through of the facility with the building attendant and acknowledge agreement with the findings.
  • The renter is responsible for any and all damages to City equipment or property.
  • Gratuities cannot be accepted by City employees.


Any person, group, association, or organization desiring to use any park or recreation facility of the City Of Columbia for a group of 25 individuals or more or to conduct an activity or event for which it could be reasonably assumed that 25 or more persons might gather at a park to participate in or witness such activity or event must apply for and obtain a permit from the Director of Parks and Recreation.

Permit request time cannot be longer than two (2) hours.

Permit requests must be submitted no less than 15 days prior to your event.

Permit Request Form (For school groups, meal share programs, etc.)

Note: The permit request form should not be submitted if you want to rent a facility for a family reunion, wedding, retreat, birthday parties, festivals, concerts or any activity of this type. Rentals must be made in person with our reservation specialist.


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