Bank Draft Payments are for Water, Sewer and Solid Waste.

The EasyPay program is a complimentary service that allows you to have your water bills paid each month directly from your checking or savings account without having to worry about writing and mailing a check. Bank Draft Payments are for Water, Sewer and Solid Waste.

Go to the following link for the EasyPay Form.  EasyPayApp FullPage Form2020.doc

Commonly Asked Questions

After I apply, how quickly will EasyPay start?
Normally, a customer should allow thirty (30) days for the electronic transactions to begin. When it begins, your water bill statement will state not to pay the bill. The statement will also give the date that the bill amount will be debited from your account.

What day of the month will EasyPay debit my bank account?
With the City's current system, your bank account will be debited according to the billing cycle you fall into. You will continue to receive a water bill statement giving the specifics of your water account and also stating the date your bank account will be debited which is normally ten (10) days after the bill print date.

Can my water bills be averaged and the same amount debited each month?
For your own security, the City does not offer this type of payment called "Payment Budgeting" or "Budget Billing". Continuing to issue a regular monthly statement for the actual use enables our customers to monitor water consumption, and detect problems quicker.

If my water bill is higher than normal, will you still debit my account?
When you are first setup in the EasyPay program, we look at your previous billing history and determine the normal range of usage for the property. If usage exceeds the allowable range that we have predetermined by your historical usage, we will not debit your account. You will receive a normal water bill to be paid, allowing you the opportunity to investigate the problem, if any. You may contact Customer Care at (803) 545-3300 for questions concerning billing amounts.

If I have more than one water account, can they all be paid at the same time from the same checking or savings account?
Yes, the City does allow you the option of "Combined Billing". With this option, you will receive a "Master" bill that summarizes all subordinates under the "Master". The total amount will be drafted at one time providing that the same bank account is being used.

What should I do if I move or change bank accounts?
You must notify the EasyPay program at least fifteen (15) days prior to any changes made to your bank account. Early notification will prevent us from debiting a closed bank account in error. If you are moving, please notify us, so that we can make the appropriate changes to your EasyPay program.

For more information concerning the EasyPay Program, please contact us at (803) 545-3489.