Bikes and Transit in Columbia, SC

Racks have been provided to increase mobility of customers and encourage the sued of alternative transportation, the COMET has installed bike racks on all of the COMET Buses. These Racks can hold two standard bikes. A Rack and Role Brochure is available at the COMET web site.

Bike Friendly Businesses

Bicycle Parking

There are a number of bike racks throughout the City, and that number is constantly growing.  For an interactive map showing bike parking locations, please visit the City's GIS public information viewer - bike racks are visible under "Recreation & Transportation" tab.  If you know of a bike rack that isn't showing up (or one that is no longer there), please email us at [email protected], and we'll get it fixed!

City of Columbia Bike Rack Partnership Program

The City of Columbia's Bike Rack Partnership Program works to provide installation of sponsored bike parking on public property.  Businesses or individuals can sponsor a single rack (2 bike capacity) or a bike corral, and the City's Public Works Department will install the bike parking at no cost.

BPAC Facebook Page

The City of Columbia BPAC has a face book page. Please see the Facebook page for additional events and resources.

Midlands Bicycle Calendar

Recreational Cycling at Fort Jackson

The Fort requires non-affiliated individuals  (those who do not normally have access to the base) to sign up for a MWR Cycling Membership; follow these instructions to gain access.  Affiliated and non-affiliated individuals must also register with, as well as sign in when using the base, through isportsman.