PDS PP IMG Landmarn Photo Heyward 600The City of Columbia boasts over 180 buildings and cultural sites that have been designated as Individual Landmarks. This designation is based on architecture or associations with people or events significant in the history of Columbia and the state of South Carolina. Individual Landmarks can be designated as Group I, Group II, or Group III as laid out in the Zoning Ordinance. The City has been designating Individual Landmarks since the 1960s under the guidance of the Landmarks Commission, which operated from the 1960s-1990s, and then evolving into the current day Design/Development Review Commission. 

To learn more about our currently listed buildings and sites please check out the web tour, which covers all City Landmarks, African-American Landmarks, and Modern Architecture Landmarks.

Have a historic property and want to know if it can be designated? Contact Historic Preservation Staff to find out more about the Individual landmarking process. A brief outline of the process is found here.

List of Individual Landmarks (updated 4.30.21)