Columbia Water requires final record drawings as part of our process to accept any approved, newly constructed water, sanitary sewer, storm drain, and/or street facility into the City of Columbia's utility system for operation and maintenance.

Application Process | What To Expect After Applying

Important Notice

  • All debit and credit card payments processed by the City of Columbia will be charged a convenience fee by the credit card processor. For More Information PDF document

Application Process

Permitted projects must initially submit three (3) 24x36 record drawing prints and one AutoCad DWG2 electronic file. Once the project has been approved and the utility deeds are written, the following must be submitted for City acceptance of all new utility lines:

  1. Final revised and certified Record Drawing1 in the following three (3) formats:
    • One (1) 24x36 printed version
    • One (1) Adobe Acrobat PDF format of printed version2
    • One (1) AutoCAD DWG format version23
  2. Form #2 PDF document: This form must be the original signed by the Developer and include the project name, location, phase and City File Number.
  3. Form #3 PDF document: This form is a lien waiver and must be the original signed by the contractor who installed the pipe and include the project name, location, phase and City File Number. This form must be signed and certified by the authorized representative of the utility company.
  4. An itemized list of materials must also be provided. This list should be on the utility contractor's company letterhead and include the project name, location, phase and City File Number.
  5. Sanitary Sewer Acceptance Letter: This letter is only required when there is a sanitary sewer extension constructed that will not be maintained by the City. The owner of the sewer line must provide to the City an acceptance letter from the Utility Service company who will be treating the sewer line. The owner would have received this letter during the project permitting process. This letter should include the project name, location and City File Number.
  6. Deed to the Property: This is the Title to Real Estate. The deed should include the project name, location, phase and City File Number.
  7. The Real Estate Division may provide the following documents to be completed, signed and submitted with the application:
    • Declaration of Covenant4: The Declaration of Covenant is required for all properties outside the City limits and gives the City permission to annex the property at such time as is deemed necessary or advantageous.
    • Partial Mortgage Release4: A Partial Mortgage Release is only required if there is a mortgage on the property being developed. This document releases the portion of land from the lien holder that contains the City's utility line and corresponding easement. In instances where there is no mortgage on the property, the Owner must return form to the City identifying the project name and address with the notation, "There is no mortgage on this property."
  8. Any additional requirements as deemed appropriate by the City of Columbia.
  9. Completed Record Drawing Checklist PDF document: (OPTIONAL) Departmental staff will use this checklist to review all projects. Engineers may find it helpful to use the most up-to-date checklist as they prepare drawings. This checklist may be submitted with the application to help Engineers include all relevant information. It should include the project name, location, phase and City File Number.

Important Notes:

  1. Do NOT send digital submissions or final revised print until requested. Insure that these final submittals include ALL revisions made to the drawing during the course of the review process. These Drawings will be reviewed by both the Project Coordinator and the Utility Inspector and must conform to the approved construction plans and City Engineering Regulations.
  2. Note: Digital submittals must be saved:
    • With AutoCAD Version 2008 or newer for all DWG files
    • With the City File Number and Project Name in the name using the format CF{#}_{ProjectName}.{FileType}. Fill in the bracketed portions with the relevant information. For example, if the City File Number was 00001 and the Project Name was MyProject, you would use the following file names: CF00001_MyProject.DWG and CF00001_MyProject.PDF.
    • With all users given full file permissions
  3. The DWG CD must conform to the South Carolina State Plane (SCSP) Coordinates and contain the correct spatial standards and digital submission standards as outlined in the City of Columbia Engineering Regulations, Part 28: COC Digital Data Submission Standards PDF document. Additional requirements apply to all federal installations. Refer GIS questions to the City of Columbia Engineering GIS Technician, (803) 545 3400.
  4. This is a legally binding document that follows the land and is recorded at the appropriate County Register of Deeds Office. It will be reviewed in advance by the City's Legal Department. This document must be signed in the presence of an attorney. It must be submitted as a legal size (8 1/2" x 14") document. An Attorney Authorization Form will also be provided by the Real Estate Division.

What to Expect After Applying

Departmental staff strive to process and approve projects promptly. To help ensure promptness, please include current contact information for the person who can most quickly answer any questions about your project or the application.

Upon receipt of all required application documents, the Department of Engineering will oversee the following:

  • Bacteriological testing will begin upon receipt of the above mentioned Forms and Drawings. Testing will take a minimum of 3 days and will require 2 samples approved consecutively. The City's inspector will then flow the fire hydrants for final approval and acceptance.
  • Deeds will be prepared from the approved Record Drawings and forwarded to the developer along with a mortgage release for proper execution.
  • Upon receipt of the Record Drawings originally signed documents, forms and approval of the necessary tests, the City will issue a letter accepting ownership, operation and maintenance of the utility system. This letter, along with test results, will be forwarded to the Engineer of Record. It is then the Engineer's responsibility to forward the final package to SCDHEC to request the permit to operate the new system.


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