Yard trash, otherwise known as "yard trimmings", can be a combination of grass clippings, leaves, sticks, bulk items (i.e. furniture, clothing, rigid plastics) and building material (subject to a charge). 

Loose or bagged leaves, branches (less than 6 ft in length)
Grass clippings
Subject to a Charge:
Bricks, concrete and other building materials (must be separated from yard waste)
The City of Columbia composting operation receives nearly 25 percent of the City's total trash tonnage.

This is a low-tech composting operation that requires a slow biodegradation of vegetation.

When the compost becomes completely broken down, it is a valuable gardening material. The compost is available to citizens and can be picked up at our facility located in Columbia across from the Animal Shelter on Humane Lane off Shop Road. Map & directions.

How to purchase City compost: Call Solid Waste at 545-3800 to schedule a pickup, pay for load at the Animal Shelter and then pickup your compost!