TN Development Corporation is a non-profit corporation formed by the members of Columbia City Council in 1993 to create quality housing opportunities for the residents of our City.  As a 501(c)(3) non-profit affiliate of the City of Columbia, TNDC is responsible for the development and management of rental housing.
The tremendous teamwork and dedication of the TN Development Corporation staff and Board of Directors has helped our residents and the community find  quality affordable housing opportunities.



TN Development Corporation's mission is to provide permanent, quality, affordable multifamily housing in Columbia to create safe, clean and well maintained communities.  Collaborate with other agencies to provide innovative, support services to Columbia communities.
Columbia's Best Kept Secret for Quality and Affordability! 



TN Development Corporation's vision is to have equal access to affordable living in quality housing in safe and thriving neighborhoods where people want to live.
Activities such as bingo, movie nights, and covered dish luncheons are some of our regularly held events.  In addition, educational activities such as health fairs, guest speakers, and job training opportunities are resources that help with providing essential information for improved quality of life, social interaction and educational enhancement.
      TN Development Corporation
      1225 Lady Street, Suite 201, Columbia, SC 29201
      Office: (803) 545-3767 - Fax: (803) 545-3772