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Neighborhood Traffic Control Projects Policy

Initial Request 
Requests made from a neighborhood association or groups of concerned citizens may be directed to the City's Traffic Engineering Division or to the City Manager's office. The problem areas should be identified as specifically as possible in order to insure the appropriate data is collected. The request will also be forwarded to officials of the S.C. Department of Transportation (SCDOT), as many residential streets in the City are State-maintained. A meeting will be held between City officials (Council members and City staff), SCDOT, and representatives from the neighborhood.
Traffic Investigations 
The City's Traffic Engineering Division conducts traffic volume/speed surveys at strategic locations in the neighborhood. The results are compiled on a map of the neighborhood detailing City and State-owned roadways.
Neighborhood Consultations
Results of the traffic data collection are provided to the neighborhood association, City Council, and to SCDOT. Based on the data, specific locations for traffic control changes are identified by the neighborhood. Once the neighborhood association reaches a consensus regarding the changes, another meeting is held between the neighborhood association, the City, and SCDOT to work out the details of the proposed changes.
Submission to SCDOT
Upon City Council approval, the proposal is prepared in map form and submitted to the SCDOT District Engineering Administrator. The information is reviewed and either approved or revised and returned to the City.
Final Review
The final proposal is provided to the neighborhood association for their review, and, if a consensus is reached for approval, the plan is given final approval by City Council.
The items outlined in the final plan are implemented by City staff. The Police Department is notified of the changes so that a coordinated enforcement effort can accompany the new traffic control.
Follow-Up Studies
After a reasonable period of time (a minimum of three weeks) for motorists to become accustomed to the changes, traffic volume/speed surveys are again conducted to determine the effect of the traffic control project. This information is evaluated by City and SCDOT staff, and if necessary, additional action may be taken. 

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Slow Down

In response to concerns of citizens regarding traffic volume and speeds in residential areas, the City of Columbia has instituted a process where neighborhood traffic control needs can be addressed.