Each focus area represents the collective thoughts of

City Council members

Mayor Steve Benjamin is the ambassador for this focus area

 Columbia, South Carolina is the center of the global knowledge economy and the leading hub of insurance technology in the world. It is home to more corporate headquarters than any other city in the southeast and home to the talented leaders and employees of those companies. Having sought innovative ways to nurture businesses over 20 years ago, Columbia today reflects progressive energy and highly desirable growth. It attracts business interests and investment from around the globe.

A laser-like focus on ensuring a business friendly environment has resulted in Columbia being the jewel of the south. Its results include the largest GDP of any city in South Carolina, the lowest unemployment, and a steady stream of talent that emerges from its colleges and universities. Columbia experiences a steady increase in its number of residents and businesses with disposable income. There is a low business vacancy rate and phenomenal growth throughout Columbia and the surrounding region. Columbia’s thriving urban core serves as home to most of the state’s cultural destinations with the core surrounded by vibrant neighborhoods and schools. Columbia’s exciting riverfront is the envy of the Southeast.