Site plan review is the process wherein the Planning Commission or Design/Development Review Commission (depending on the location of the project) reviews projects that may, based upon their size and number of units, create internal and external impacts on existing street systems, surrounding land uses and utility systems.

  • Group/Individual Commercial Development a single lot containing one or more buildings used for commercial or industrial purposes which contain a gross floor area of 100,000 square feet or an addition of 25,000 square feet or more to an existing group commercial or industrial development.
  • Group Residential Development a single lot of record upon which five or more dwelling units are erected and all the structures thereon. This definition shall include apartments, condominiums and townhouses, whether rented or sold.
  • Residential/Commercial Subdivisions are defined as all subdivisions not classified as minor subdivisions, requiring any new street or extension of supporting governmental or private utilities.
  • Mixed-Use Planned Unit Developments is an area of land in which a variety of housing types and/or related commercial and industrial facilities are accommodated in a preplanned environment under more flexible use and density standards than those restrictions which would normally apply under the city development regulations.
  • Design/Design Development Review Commission Developments are projects located within the City Center, -Design Development, Innovista and Five Points overlay districts consisting of construction where materials and components for construction are equal to or greater than of $500,000.00 or Producer Price Index (PPI as published by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Statistics) whichever is applicable based upon the overlay district. Projects located within the North Main Corridor that require a special exception, variance or PUD are also included in this development type.

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