about the Zoning Division

What does the Zoning Division do?

The Zoning Division enforces the City of Columbia's Zoning Ordinance by reviewing permit applications and responding to complaints regarding violations. Additionally, zoning maintains and updates the City's official zoning maps. Any inquiries regarding the zoning of a particular property should be directed to the zoning department at (803) 545-3333. 

Zoning verification letters or any other questions concerning zoning should be sent to [email protected]  Be sure to include the particular address, tax map number, and the nature of the request. 

The development process requires many steps before your project can begin.  We suggest that for any desired project to contact the Zoning Division first, as many issues concerning developments can be address at the zoning counter. 

Zoning Verification Letters

For zoning verification requests, please email [email protected]. Be sure to include the address of the subject property, tax map number, and the specific information requested. 

Building Permits

All Building Permits require the corresponding Zoning Permits. Zoning permits are part of the building permitting process and are applied for at the same time as the building permit. If you are looking for information specific to building permits and the permitting process, please visit Development & Inspections.

For more information on commercial or residential permitting, please visit the following links:

Commercial Permitting

Residential Permitting

Boards & Commissions

Planning and Development services host a series of Boards, Commissions and Committees that approve or deny projects in the City.  Larger developments, projects within a design district overlay, and projects requiring reliefs or changes to the Zoning, Property Maintenance, or Building codes may require an approval from one of these bodies.  Please visit the Boards & Commissions page for more information on the following: 

Board of Zoning Appeals (BoZA) 

Board of Zoning Appeals- Form Based Codes (BoZA-FBC)

Building Board of Adjustment and Appeals (BBoAA)

Design/Development Review Commission (D/DRC) 

Planning Commission (PC) 

Zoning Public Hearings (ZPH) (held by City Council)