about Zoning Districts & Overlays

What is a zoning district?

A zoning district is an area within the City in which various and specific uses are permitted. In the City of Columbia, zoning districts are residential, commercial, mixed-use, and industrial areas. 

Single-Family Districts

  • RS-1
  • RS-1A
  • RS-1B
  • RS-2
  • RS-3

Two-Family Districts

  • RD
  • RD-2

General Residential Districts

  • RG-1
  • RG-1A
  • RG-2
  • RG-3

Commercial District

  • C-1: Office & Institutional
  • C-2: Neighborhood Commercial
  • C-3: General Commercial
  • C-3A: Commercial Overlay
  • C-4: Central Area Commercial
  • C-5: Central Business
  • C-6: Limited Commercial

Mixed-Use District

  • MX-1: Mixed use Corridor/Neighborhood
  • MX-2: Mixed Use Urban

Industrial District

  • M-1: Light Industrial
  • M-2: Heavy Industrial

Miscellaneous Districts

  • D-1: Development District
  • UTD: Urban Transitional District

Planned Unit Developments

  • Residential
  • Commercial

For the Table of Permitted Uses and more information concerning Zoning Districts, refer to Division 8 of the Zoning Ordinance

What is a zoning overlay?

A zoning overlay is placed over a base zoning district and identifies special provisions in addition to those in the base zoning district.

General Zoning Overlay

  • -AP: Airport Restrictive Height Area
  • -FW: Floodway Area
  • -FP: Floodplain Area
  • -PD: Planned Development

Design & Preservation Overlay

  • -DD: City Center Design Overlay
  • -ID: Innovista Design Overlay
  • -5P: Five Points Overlay (Upper and Lower)
  • -NC: North Main Corridor

Historical Preservation Overlay

  • -DP: Design Preservation Overlay

Useful Mapping Tools

To find the zoning of a specific address in the City, use the City Information Viewer

To find the Zoning Inspector of a specific area in the City, view the Zoning Inspector Territory Maps

For tax information concerning a property in Richland County, use the Richland County Tax Accessor’s Office

For zoning information in surrounding counties, use Lexington County GIS or Richland County GIS

Please note than the City Information Viewer and County zoning maps are not reliable for the City of Columbia’s zoning and should never be used as a substitute for contacting the Zoning Division. Staff has access to the official zoning maps for the City.